Five sample with Arduino starterkit

Five sample with Arduino starterkit

Arduino starterkit

What you can do with Arduino starterkit? amazing project with simple think can to be real if you use Arduino. You can be like Tony Stark!, make everything from your computer. Little different you and Tony Stark, He's using Jarvis and you, Arduino starter kit... ;)

These Jarvis...

...and this Arduino

Arduino starterkit

What you can do with Arduino ?. you can learn more about Arduino at we last post, what is arduino and usefulness. In this post, We have five sample ideas you can do it at home

5 Sample Ideas with Arduino Project

1. Make coffee with tweet

it's amazing ideas, with arduino you can make a cup of coffee from twitter. Yes, just type some command with tweet, This coffee machine will start to making a coffe with you. Great!

Arduino starterkit

2. Arduino Drawing Machine

Arduino Drawing Mahine Project

3. Arduino Self Balancing Robot

It a smart robotic built with Arduino, this robot will make his self balance. if you push the body and make it unbalanced. the wheels will auto move to balance themselves. simple but sophisticated!

Arduino Self Balance Robot

4. Open your Garage with Arduino system

This technology is already used by many people, but do you know this advanced technology can be made using Arduino. You should try it, your own automatic garage door!

Make garage control with Arduino starterkit

5. Arduino Gesture controlled Robotic Arm

It's looks very sophisticated, the robots are controlled with hand gestures. this is still a small prototype, imagine if developed larger will be like a real steel film. you've been watching it ?, the robot maker is a kid!

controlled robotic with gesture - Arduino starterkit

It is Five sample with Arduino starterkit ideas, Lets explore many projects built with Arduino, and share your own!

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